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About Us

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DenkGrün Recycling GmbH is your contact for plants that use an innovative and new type of PNX process to recycle organic waste in a climate-neutral manner and use it to produce additional energy. ​


With these sewage sludge plants, sewage sludge is disposed of cost-efficiently, the valuable raw material phosphorus - classified as a critical raw material by the European Union - is extracted and sold and the excess energy generated during these processes can also be used energetically by means of a combination of the storage technology used and a photovoltaic system: With the The aim is to enable energy self-sufficiency. ​


DenkGrün Recycling GmbH is a joint venture between IT and biotech entrepreneur Manuel Maiers, scientist and biotech entrepreneur Michael Schelch and international entrepreneur and investor John Renos.


Manuel Maier &
DI Dr. Michael Schelch



John Renos

Founder and Investor

John Renos is an international entrepreneur and investor who focuses his entrepreneurial commitment on Austria. He sees great green technology innovation potential in Austria and would like to use his management expertise and technology know-how to help DenkGrün Recycling GmbH achieve a breakthrough - also internationally.

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